Thursday, September 18, 2008

Rev. Francis Javier and Family


I was only in my early elementary grade when a new name of a pastor was newly registered in my young mind. It turned out that he will be taking over the position of then Rev. Rizalino Subido.

The name Ptr. Juan A. Marigza to me was just another person in church that would stand in the pulpit for several minutes and that will be my hint that our day in church is about to end.

But this, “Just another pastor” slowly entered our lives, in a sense that all occasions of the family, he was an invited guest. Weddings, baptism, graduations, thanksgiving services to the interment of relatives who have gone ahead to be with the Lord.

Indeed you can command people out of fear but respect is something that cannot be forced. Respect in short is earned. This pastor then I would say have earned the respect of all the sectors of the church. From the children to the adults but most specially us the young people of the church then.

Our youth days then was a turning point for me to know him personally. Our constant interaction with him when we were then officers of the Christian Youth Fellowship gave me the opportunity to look deeper in his person.

He became not only my pastor, a friend but a second father. He was very supportive and his very being began to leave imprints in our lives. The seed that was sown in our hearts germinated and was properly nurtured to produce church workers. Our batch in the CYF I believe have the highest number of young people to have joined the vineyard of the Lord which I firmly believe one way or another is the result of a man that was instrumental in molding the young men and women of these church then.

Even when our beloved bishop already left Baguio for another assignment he remained to be the pastor of a majority of the church. If there is a most requested song, we have “a most requested pastor.” My wife and I as a proof also sought him to officiate our wedding at that time.

Until now he is the most sought pastor to grace all sorts of occasions and still are making appointments with him.

Today as we celebrate the golden anniversary of ministry of Bishop Juan we pray tribute to a man of God. That even to this day serves as inspiration for all of us to continue on running the race.


April 11, 2007

Jesus Christ gave you to us, it’s not by accident.

Under His guidance and blessing, we

Affirm how you became a part of our lives.

Never will we regret the first day we met you and became our pastor and like a father to us.

All our lives we will never forget, we will tell the story to our children and grandchildren the way you were to us.


Mentored us. You taught us by preaching and example.

Appreciated us. The little things we did were big to you.

Responded without hesitation. You were always there.

Inspired us with your leadership and were instrumental in my becoming a minister of the Gospel.

Generously gave to us when we were in need.

Zealously talked to us about God’s love.

Actively led us to where we are now.

Thank you!

These two words may not be sufficient to describe what we really like to say but, what you’ve been to us, we’ll be to others because you showed it to us.

We are happy to celebrate with you and your family the 50 years of pastoral ministry. You inspired us! God bless & more power!

Rev. Francis, Judith, Christine Joy & Calvin Paul Javier

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