Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Reuel's family in front of UCCP Baguio

Irene's pose

Irene posing with flowers - para saan yang practice na yan, Irene?

Couples' Choir

The Couples' Choir sing a special song. Nagabsent da piman iti trabaho da tapno laeng makipartisipar iti anibersaryo.

Lipad. Pastor Abe, lipad

More pictures

Sinno ngay ti nasilsileng ti muging na, siak wenno ni Jan?

Reuel, Jan and JJ


Sayang met a diay napintas a bado ni Ms Marigza no saan nga agpose. Sayang pay diay napipintas a sabong no saan nga agpose.

Solo for the Choir Anthem

I was asked to sing a solo for the choir Anthem. I nearly missed my cue and the sequence of the anthem. Adda ngamin subli-subli na.

The Angiwans

Mat, Evelyn and Shekinah

More family pictures

Here are more family pictures including the kodakan with the flowers!

That's JJ beside Uncle Jan and Rev Danny Mariano beside Reuel

Reuel and Trelly as well as Jan and Ralyn pretending they are renewing their wedding vows! Nagpintas dagiti sabsabong.

A view of the pulpit from the back

Ilokano Choir in their Cordillera finery

The Ilokano Choir of Baguio UCCP came in their Cordillera costumes. They all look beautiful!

Judge Heilia Mallari Phillipps and Pastor Abe Luis

Bishops all

Bishops Garol and Inong with Bishop Marigza

Bishop Gabby and Bishop Mar officiating the renewal of vows as a minister of Bishop Marigza.

Pastor Ernesto S Alcantara

The altar flowers

Fulfill your ministry

Shepherds of the flock of believers